Justin Waylon Spears landed by stork (or should we say whooping crane!) to a small fishing town in south Texas called Rockport. Growing up on the peninsula, fishing, duck hunting, workin’ on his truck, and helping with the cows are all part of the recipe for what makes him tick; however, the most important ingredient that ties all of these components together is his love for everything music.

Being the youngest of three brothers, the “test dummy” was exposed to all kinds of genres of music early in his life, but his love for country music was really found from riding with his Granddad “Paw Paw Gene”. Amongst other country artists, Bob Wills, a personal friend of Paw Paw’s, poured out of every truck he owned until those tapes wore out.

At that early age, you could catch Justin playing “air fiddle” to the country group Alabama if you were lucky enough. Guitars (or git fiddles as Mr. Spears calls them) were his first real instruments when he got into High School where pickin’ and grinnin’ with his shop teacher gave him the bug for anything with strings. Dobro, mando, banjo, and some “real fiddle” got thrown into the mix then too! Before he knew it, High School was ending for the now multi-instrumentalist, and he was auditioning for his first professional gig: Six Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio. By golly, he got the job.

Justin sang, played, danced, and vocal directed his tail off for 6 years in multiple shows before it was time for the next chapter. Trying his hand in the Texas Dance Hall circuit was just what the doctor ordered. He spent 4 years running the road with one of the largest dance bands in the lone star state, The Emotions. Somewhere in the realm of 60,000 bar rooms later, his taste buds turned north with a really crazy idea…”Hey, let’s move to Nashville!” He had already been flying back and forth to Music city while in the Emotions to write songs, and the publishing deal he landed put the icing on the cake. Away he went.

Since Justin moved to Nashville, he’s earned his dinners writing songs, singing demos, honing his musical craft, and engineering in studios. It was there that he cooked up a gig with the band Ricochet running sound and eventually becoming a member of the group playing shows all over the U.S.

Things were on autopilot until one day, the waters were stirred. A phone call brought Justin and producer Gary Cirimelli together. That’s where the magic of Raven Cliff started to sprout. Three multi-talented players/singers were added to the pot to make what Justin calls “the tastiest dam dish your ears could eat! If you haven’t heard enough Raven Cliff yet, then just wait for what’s to come. Satisfy your soul, and turn it on up!”

Two more interesting facts about Justin – he went to the sea academy to get his master captains license, and he’s a ridiculously good chef. Yee haw!

Justin 1